Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, AWS, CPLEX

Algorithms for everyday fair division problems like splitting rent or taxi fare. Featured on Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Fast Company, and more. More technical discussion can be found in my senior research thesis, or this SIGecom Exchanges letter.


Technologies Used: Node, Angular, MongoDB, Tesseract OCR

A crossword puzzle digitizer and solver I made with two friends. Winner of Tartanhacks 2014 (Carnegie Mellon Today article).


Technologies Used: MeteorJS, MongoDB

MultiSpork is essentially competitive Sporcle, supporting many (over 50) players. I worked on MultiSpork with a friend during HackCMU 2013 - we won the "Coolest Hack" award.

Algorithmic Assessments Generator

Technologies Used: Scala, Java, Dropwizard

A tool that enables instructors to quickly generate hundreds of assessment items. This was my focus while interning at Knewton this past summer. Here are some screenshots of the generator: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3.


Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails

PubblePin enables web communities to create rankings lists. I worked on this with three friends for a class called "Tech Start-up Lab", taught by Luis von Ahn.

Total Machine Solutions

Technologies Used: Ruby, Middleman

A website I built for a small local business.


Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, Pusher

PanelPal is an application for managing Q & A panels. PanelPal makes use of WebSockets for selecting questions in real time, as well as HTML5 Geolocation to find nearby events. I worked on this with two friends during TartanHacks 2013. (Optimized for mobile use)

Video Game Trivia Challenge

Technologies Used: Actionscript 2.0

A flash game I designed when I was about 13. Flash marked the beginning of my interest in programming, so I figured I'd include this here. This particular game has been played over 2 million times across various sites, and was sponsored by FlashRage.com. Here are a couple other flash games I made: Helidroppers, Tile Sprint.